January 31, 2013

Install windows OS from USB

If you often try out new versions of Windows, then WiNToBootic can be an excellent program to have saved on your hard disk. This free program has the sole function of creating boot disks using ISO images. WiNToBootic is a very simple program to use, lightweight and beautiful. Only these qualities are enough to recommend it a test. However, during our test, the application was extremely quick and functional. The conversion of ISO images has been carried out within a few minutes and the program could work also with Windows 8 Consumer Preview. All information is shown clearly on the screen of the software, and you do not need to scour hidden menus or options to accomplish a simple task. WiNToBootic has many other notable features too including that it is a portable software so you can carry it to anywhere you want. Anyway, if you need a free program for creating working and functional bootable flash drives, then the WiNToBootic can the perfect choice. However, unlike other alternatives, WiNToBootic does not accept DVDs or CDs as storage media. The program is specifically designed to work with USB drives. More to read.
WiNToBootic is a small and portable tool of only 600KB. As being portable, you don’t need to separately install it on your system to use. Just download and double-click on the executable file to run. The UI of WiNToBootic simple and completely understandable. Just click on the Click Herebutton to select the ISO file of your OS and then select preferred flash drive. Mark on Quick Format if you want to perform a quick format before creating Bootable device. Once done, just click on Do It.
WiNToBootic Easily Create Bootable Flash Drive For Any Windows OS With Bootloader Flash [Windows] (2)
WiNToBootic the automatically flashes the bootloader, extracts the ISO file and then place it on the flash drive. Note that it might take sometime depending on your OS version and Hardware resource. Once it finishes, you will be able to use that bootable flash media anywhere.
WiNToBootic Easily Create Bootable Flash Drive For Any Windows OS With Bootloader Flash [Windows] (1)
During our test by ABC Trick Lab, we used a 32-Bit version of Windows 8 Consumer Preview to create a bootable Pen-Drive. WiNToBootic was able to easily and successfully create a bootable media pretty fast. The developer notes that WiNToBootic will only work for creating Windows 7/Windows 8/Windows Vista/Windows 2008 and Windows PE2/PE3.